Cole Camp running game annihilates Fayette

Have you heard of Nyklis Farris?  If you didn’t read about him in Wednesday’s paper, you’ll certainly read about him next week. Cole Camp’s running back had 19 carries for 281 yards and, hold on, let me count… 1… 2… 3… 4… yes, 4 touchdowns, although it had to seem like more than that to Fayette’s defense in Cole Camp’s 47-8 victory.

Although opposing teams have dominated Fayette’s run defense most of the season, there hasn’t been an outstanding individual performance like this one. Farris had 270 rushing yards in the first half alone. We knew he was going to run the right every time, but we just couldn’t stop him. I also have to give credit to Cole Camp’s offensive line. That’s probably the best O-line we’ve seen all season.

Anyhow, back to Fayette. The Falcons had nearly 200 yards of total offense, most of which came from Spencer Gerald. He was the leading rusher with 14 carries for 59 yards and caught four passes for 45 yards and one touchdown.

Roshawn Wilson returned to his position at quarterback tonight, and with that the offense reverted to the running game. Fayette had 27 running plays and 20 pass plays, although I’m sure I missed a few here and there.

I was a little disappointed to see that change, especially after all the progress the passing game had made over the past few weeks. But with Lorenzo Estes sitting out the first half, Fayette’s top receiver, and with Wilson taking snaps, the move made sense.

For those who were a little confused to see Mavrick Frerking return as quarterback to start the second half, head coach Billy Huthman said it was because Roshawn got a little banged up at the end of the half and sat out the first couple of offensive drives in the second half before returning. It wasn’t because of performance reasons.

Roshawn completed 5-of-17 passes for 64 yards, Mavrick was 1-of-2 for 7 yards and Spencer was 1-of-1 for 1 yard.

So Fayette drops to 0-7 this season, and the worst of the storm is yet to come. The Falcons travel to play at No. 10 Salisbury next week and then face No. 1 Westran during the final week of the season. The likelihood of Fayette winning a game this season will come down to the Slater game on Oct. 22, which is also Senior Night.


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One Response to Cole Camp running game annihilates Fayette

  1. Jameson Allen says:

    Thanks for the shout out and I do have a fake punt play that would make you really laugh but works every time. I will do it next year if I am around. Thanks for all you do for Fayette Athletics. God Bless
    Coach Allen

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