Yes Virginia, Westran really is as good as they say

Fayette linebacker Novy Foland tries to get a firm grasp on Westran’s Kalob Dale. Foland led the Falcons with seven total tackles and blocked two extra-point attempts, raising his season totals to 131 total tackles (56 solo and 75 assisted) and three blocked kicks on special teams.

Sorry for the delay in this post, but with a Thursday night game, I felt obligated to write the story for Saturday’s newspaper first and then focus on the blog.

I’ve only covered high school football for five years, but I’ve never witnessed a beating like the one Fayette took last night. The Falcons went from possibly becoming the first team to lead No. 1 Westran all season to taking the biggest loss at the hands of the Hornets all season.

Here’s a few things that surprised me:

  • Tyler Hunt, you know, that All-State quarterback for Westran? He really only factored into four plays all game. Well, technically five if you count his fumble return for a touchdown. He carried the ball twice, both for touchdowns, and he passed the ball twice, both for touchdowns. Talk about efficiency.
  • Mavrick Frerking threw six interceptions. Yes, I know Matt George is one of the best defensive players in the state and had two interceptions, but six picks? I wouldn’t have imagined that happening.
  • Even though Frerking passed for 221 yards, both touchdowns came on quarterback runs. Yes, I know both scores came in the second half against Westran’s JV, but maybe Fayette would have faired better by using the running game more often. It certainly would have eaten more of the clock and Westran’s score might have been lower.
  • Westran only had 17 offensive plays in the first half. Let’s do the math. The Hornets had 10 touchdowns in the first 24 minutes, but three of them were defensive scores (two pick-sixes, one fumble return), so that takes it down to seven offensive touchdowns. That means, on average, Westran needed just 2.5 plays per drive to get a score, no drive lasting longer than three plays. Impressive, eh?

Fayette’s football season is over with an 0-10 record. FHS will hold its fall sports banquet on Nov. 10, which will be the same night as Meet the Falcons for the winter sports. I’ll put a notice in the paper as that time approaches.


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One Response to Yes Virginia, Westran really is as good as they say

  1. Novy Foland says:

    Well, would you have really expected to see a running game at this point of the season? What makes it worse is that Coach Huthman often talked to some of us parents and said how he was going to change things, put in a running game, use different personnel. And he never did. He just told us what we wanted to hear, so he could go back to his playbook and continue his delusional dreams of passing granduer. There were a few bright points this season — despite the six INTs at Westran, Mavrick showed fast learning and good skills at quarterback. When Spencer ran forward and put his head down, he could gain yards, and his punting wasn’t too shabby. Jonathan could catch a ball — whenever it was thrown to him. Sam Miller was thrown into the fire as a sophomore, and improved every single game. And Novy’s 131 tackles in 9 games (he missed one to injury) means a 14.56 tackle per game average (despite almost constant double and frequent triple teaming) on top of learning how to be an offensive lineman was no small feat. Dustin, Vince, Brad and Joe worked their tails off almost every play. We are proud of the boys’ efforts. I think the coach needs to build his offense next year around what the team is CAPABLE of doing, not what he would like it to be. Running games can be effective and exciting. 3 and 4 yard gains equal first downs after a while; 3 and outs just puts the ball back in the other teams’ hands.

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