Fayette boys drop out of Class 2 rankings, Harrisburg girls climb to No. 1

There was a bit of a shakeup in the high school basketball rankings released this morning. With an 86-63 loss at Salisbury on Friday, the Fayette boys (15-5) have dropped out of the Class 2 polls after spending five weeks in the rankings, posting anywhere between No. 4 and No. 10.

On the other hand, the Harrisburg girls (16-3) are riding a three-game winning streak and made the jump to No. 1 in the Class 2 polls for the first time since the final poll released after the conclusion of the 2009-10 season. Last year’s state champions were never ranked at No. 1 during the regular season.

Purdy High School (15-5) had previously held the No. 1 ranking, but the Lady Eagles dropped their first conference game of the season last week. Purdy’s losses have come against Mount Vernon (Class 3), Rogers, Ark. (Class 7 in Arkansas, with 3200 enrollment), Springfield Kickapoo (Class 5), Ozark (Class 5) and most recently Verona (Class 1). Ozark is ranked fifth in Class 5 and beat the Lady Eagles by seven points, Mount Vernon is No. 4 in Class 3 and beat Purdy by eight points, and Verona is No. 5 in Class 1 and topped the former No. 1 by one point. As you can see, just like Harrisburg, they’ve also lost to quality programs in their area.

Both teams’ districts are on opposite sides of the Class 2 tournament bracket, so it’s a possibility the two teams could face each other for the state title.

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I’ve spent the past half hour trying to piece together what are the exact conference standings on the boys’ side of the Lewis & Clark Conference. I know they’re posted weekly in the Moberly Monitor-Index, but from what I’ve gathered, I found one change. Here’s the L&C standings as of today:

  • Salisbury: 7-1
  • Westran: 5-1
  • Fayette: 6-2
  • Paris: 3-3
  • Marceline: 0-6 (The MMI lists them as 1-5)
  • Slater: 0-8

With three teams still needing to play four conference games over the next week and a half, there will surely be a shakeup. Marceline and Slater will have two matchups to determine fifth and sixth place in the conference, while Westran still has to face Fayette and Salisbury. Paris still has three games remaining against the top three teams in the conference.

Here’s how I expect the conference standings to look come Feb. 25:

  • Salisbury: 9-1
  • Fayette: 8-2
  • Westran: 7-3
  • Paris: 3-7
  • Marceline: 3-7
  • Slater: 0-10

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