Predicitions for our local district tournament seedings

I’ve spent this winter making predictions for almost every game of each tournament Fayette has played in this season (Glasgow, New Franklin, Slater). The same will go for the district tournament, but I want to take a moment to acknowledge what today really means.

No Class 1, 2 or 3 teams will be taking the floor for a game tonight (to my understanding), because they’ll be busy attending their respective district seedings meetings.

I figure I’ll get a jump on everyone. In addition to predicting game outcomes, I’ll take this to another level and project what I think the seedings will be for each of our area’s six local district tournaments, including the two tournaments dubbed “The District of Doom.”

Class 2 District 7 Boys Tournament

  • No. 1: Salisbury (19-1)
  • No. 2: Sturgeon (17-2)
  • No. 3: Fayette (15-5)
  • No. 4: Harrisburg (9-8)
  • No. 5: Westran (12-8)
  • No. 6: Douglass (10-4)
  • No. 7: New Franklin (7-11)
  • No. 8: Slater (0-18)

I think the top three were determined following Fayette’s loss on Friday. Had Fayette won, this whole thing would have been up for grabs. Originally, I had given Douglass the No. 4 seed, but Harrisburg and Westran have been playing well as of late. The Bulldogs have taken down one Class 3 school after another and Westran seems to get past everyone except Sturgeon. I think I’m right on the 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8 seeds, but we’ll see how Nos. 4-6 turn out. It’s so hard to gauge because Douglass plays none of these teams and hardly has any similar opponents.

Class 2 District 7 Girls Tournament

  • No. 1: Harrisburg (16-3)
  • No. 2: Sturgeon (17-3)
  • No. 3: Salisbury (16-4)
  • No. 4: Slater (13-6)
  • No. 5: New Franklin (12-7)
  • No. 6: Westran (5-14)
  • No. 7: Fayette (2-17)

I’m fairly confident this is exactly how this district bracket will unfold this evening. The only change might be between Slater and New Franklin, who have split against each, but since Slater won on New Franklin’s home court, I gave them the edge. I hadn’t realized Sturgeon was on a 13-game winning streak, but I think you have to give the edge to Harrisburg. This district may be a tad down from last year, but it still ought to be really interesting to watch.

Class 1 District 10 Boys Tournament

  • No. 1: Glasgow (16-4)
  • No. 2: Tina-Avalon (21-2)
  • No. 3: Bosworth
  • No. 4: Keytesville (6-11)
  • No. 5: Hale
  • No. 6: Brunswick (6-15)
  • No. 7: Mendon
  • No. 8: Malta Bend (0-15)

Let’s be honest, the order of No. 1 and No. 2 doesn’t matter because they’ll face each other in the championship game, on Tina-Avalon’s floor. I gave the edge to Glasgow because three of their four losses came in Reid Littrell’s absence. Also, Glasgow beat Meadville by one point last night and Tina-Avalon is 2-1 against Meadville, losing to them on Saturday. Nos. 3-5 have all beaten Brunswick and Malta Bend is the clear No. 8 seed.

Class 1 District 10 Girls Tournament

  • No. 1: Hale
  • No. 2: Glasgow (9-10)
  • No. 3: Northwestern (Mendon)
  • No. 4: Brunswick (6-15)
  • No. 5: Tina-Avalon (6-16)
  • No. 6: Keytesville (2-14)
  • No. 7: Bosworth
  • No. 8: Malta Bend (1-14)

Now I feel like I’m just guessing. I picked this bracket based on the outcomes of the CCLA Tournament, Mendon Tournament and Keytesville Tournament. I’m curious to see if there’s a team above the .500 mark in this district. I really like Glasgow’s chances, but this is a definition of a “grab bag” district.

Class 1 District 11 Boys Tournament

  • No. 1: La Plata (18-0)
  • No. 2: Marion County (10-4)
  • No. 3: North Shelby (5-16)
  • No. 4: Atlanta
  • No. 5: Brashear
  • No. 6: Madison (5-14)
  • No. 7: Higbee (6-13)
  • No. 8: Bevier

Predictions for this district don’t really matter too much. We all know La Plata is going to make a killing in it. Although North Shelby’s record is terrible for a No. 3 seed, they did beat Atlanta and Brashear. Madison topped Higbee by about 30 points. But again, it’s still a cakewalk for La Plata, who will probably face Meadville in the sectionals, which will be a great matchup.

Class 1 District 11 Girls Tournament

  • No. 1: Marion County (19-0)
  • No. 2: La Plata (14-4)
  • No. 3: North Shelby (9-9)
  • No. 4: Madison (9-9)
  • No. 5: Brashear (8-10)
  • No. 6: Bevier
  • No. 7: Higbee (5-13)
  • No. 8: Atlanta (1-14)

I think this is how the top and bottom seeds will pan out, but I’m not so sure I’m right on Nos. 3-6. Madison didn’t play too many of these teams, so it was tough to gauge them, but they nearly beat La Plata earlier this year. Either way, I see Marion County easily coming away with the district title.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

So there you have it. Most of these meetings should start in the next hour or two. I hope to put the Class 2 districts in Saturday’s Democrat-Leader and the Class 1 districts in Wednesday’s Fayette Advertiser. If I end up predicting all six of these brackets correctly, I just may drop everything and head straight for Vegas.


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