Predictions for Day One of the Glasgow Tournament

The cover of this year's Fayette Advertiser "2011-12 Area High School Basketball Preview." It will be available starting tonight at the Glasgow Tournament.

We’re almost three hours away from tip-off of the first of 22 games this week at Glasgow, so if you’ve been missing basketball, the Glasgow Tournament knows how to crave your addiction.

In a few minutes, I’m going to head to Sedalia and pick up copies of my high school basketball preview, which will be on sale all week at the Glasgow Tournament. If you don’t already subscribe to the newspaper, you can purchase a copy for $1 at the front gate and 50 percent of the proceeds go to the Glasgow school district.

But enough promotion. Let’s get down to tonight’s first-round games. The first two games should be blowouts, but the last two of the night have the potential to be fairly close. Are you ready for some basketball? Here we go in 3, 2, 1…

No. 8 Keytesville (G) vs. No. 1 Harrisburg (4:30 p.m. tip-off): This game has been a 75-20 blowout over the past few seasons, inflating the scoring averages for Harrisburg players that will balance out when they hit a tougher schedule. I don’t expect much to change, just like I’m pretty confident at some point, head coach Dan Bachmeier’s face will become beet-red and the tie will come off, let’s say before the end of the third quarter. It wouldn’t be Harrisburg basketball if that didn’t happen. Prediction: Harrisburg 78, Keytesville 24.

No. 8 Slater (B) vs. No. 1 Glasgow (6 p.m. tip-off): If you want to see Glasgow score in the 60s, tonight is the night to come to Larry Littrell Court. The Yellowjackets are usually a low-scoring team, but they will manage to pile on the points in this game. Slater returns several sophomores, but there’s not a chance the Wildcats can keep up with Glasgow. If Slater is able to get off a decent amount of shots, Dillon Yung and Reid Littrell could have a shot at double-doubles tonight. Also, if you can’t make it to the game, I believe Glasgow schools will broadcast it online at this site. Prediction: Glasgow 68, Slater 32.

No. 5 Cairo (G) vs. No. 4 Slater (7:30 p.m. tip-off): Not sure if I’ll watch much of this game, even though it will be the closest contest of the night. Slater lost Ana Jackson but returns Brooke Clemons and Jacqueline Anderson, so the Lady Wildcats will be another tough team to face. Cairo took a big blow with the loss of Courtney Cooley and returns players such as Alex Wehar, but Slater is going to be too quick and too strong for the Lady Bearcats. Winning is nice, but I’m not sure I’d want to face Harrisburg this early in the season. Prediction: Slater 48, Cairo 41.

No. 5 New Franklin (B) vs. No. 4 Fayette (9 p.m. tip-off): I need to tell Chris Kendrick to stop getting the No. 4 seed in this tournament because it keeps me up past my bedtime. This will be everyone’s first look at Bruce Marshall when he’s the spotlight and doesn’t have a slew of 8 to 10 guards to take the pressure off him, but it’s a good first game for him. Every New Franklin player is at least a head shorter than Marshall, so expect Fayette to pound the ball inside until Marshall gets to 30 points, which is a fairly reasonable number for tonight’s game, unless Glasgow head coach lends New Franklin a step ladder for the game. On the other hand, I think we’re going to see two teams with great guard play, but I give the edge to New Franklin’s Tyler White. If the Bulldogs plan to score, they’ll have to do it from the outside. I’ll wait until tomorrow to pick my first upset of the tournament. Prediction: Fayette 68, New Franklin 49.

NOTE: Since the end of March, I’ve been pretty active with my Twitter account (@actionjaxon05) at local high school events, but that won’t be the case this week. Unfortunately, every time I enter Glasgow city limits, my phone flashes a “No Service” warning, so I may be lacking in tweets this week because I won’t be able to use the Twitter app on my phone. However, after this week, when I get the chance I’ll tweet scores and updates for the rest of the season. Just not in Glasgow, or anyplace else that struggles to provide my AT&T service.


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  1. Novy Foland says:

    Sounds like some good picks to me, Greg.

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