MSHSAA unveils Missouri high school enrollments

Normally, high school enrollments aren’t big news, but just ask schools like Pilot Grove and New Franklin how big of a deal they can be.

The two schools have had to move from Class 1 to Class 2 in basketball at some point over the past five seasons, and with the move up one class comes tougher competition. MSHSAA re-evaluates school enrollments every other year to see if any changes are needed to be made to their classifications in the various high school sports. Since I’ve been here, Harrisburg softball has gone from Class 2 to Class 1, but all other programs have remained in their respective classes.

You can click here to see the full list of enrollments for the Missouri high schools. If you’re only interested in the local schools, here’s my breakdown by the four local conferences by enrollment (well, technically three since the Mid-Missouri Conference is disbanding after this school year, but we’ll go ahead and count it for now). Again, MSHSAA notes these totals are technically unofficial counts.

Lewis & Clark Conference

  • Marceline — 203 students
  • Fayette — 200 students
  • Paris — 177 students
  • Westran — 175 students
  • Salisbury — 163 students
  • Slater — 124 students

Central Activities Conference

  • Sturgeon — 132 students
  • New Franklin — 131 students
  • Cairo — 126 students
  • Glasgow — 105 students
  • Madison — 77 students
  • Brunswick — 73 students
  • Keytesville — 45 students

Mid-Missouri Conference

  • Southern Boone — 465 students
  • North Callaway — 412 students
  • Hallsville — 407 students
  • South Callaway — 270 students
  • Harrisburg — 180 students

Cooper County Activities Association

  • Pilot Grove — 112 students
  • Otterville — 72 students
  • Higbee — 71 students
  • Prairie Home — 63 students
  • Bunceton — 52 students
  • Jamestown — 45 students
  • Malta Bend — 34 students

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  1. Matt Hudson says:


    Love “On the sidelines”! This is classic small town sports reporting and you do a great job.

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