Predictions for Day Five of the Glasgow Tournament

OK, the trophy nights are finally here. 16 games down, 6 more to go, and hopefully I’ll improve on my 12-4 record.

Before I get to tonight’s games, last night was another record-viewing night. Here’s the kinds of following this blog has had since Sunday:

  • Sunday: 25 views
  • Monday: 127 views
  • Tuesday: 386 views (new record, previous was 241, I think)
  • Wednesday: 418 views (new record)
  • Thursday: 452 views (yet another new record)
  • Friday: as of 4:45 p.m., we’re at 231 views

This week by far has blown every other week out of the water. What are the odds I’ll get the same kind of following during the New Franklin and Slater tournaments? Just a thought.

N0. 7 Slater (G) vs. No. 4 Cairo (5 p.m. tip-off): I don’t believe Cairo has won a closing game in this tournament since I’ve been here. Well, if the Lady Bearcats did, it was in 2009, because I remember them taking second place in 2010 and fourth place last year. I’m not sure Slater will get a chance to grab 49 rebounds like it did last night against Fayette. I think Cairo will make plenty of shots tonight. Prediction: Cairo 61, Slater 34.

No. 6 Westran (B) vs. No. 4 Fayette (6:30 p.m. tip-off):I know Fayette came out and scored 85 points the other night, but this game is going to be much closer than you would think. Westran’s physicality is going to cause some fits for these Falcons, but I can guarantee one thing. Head coach Chris Kendrick won’t let Haiden Harlan have an open look tonight. I think the fouls are going to come often and the team that can hit those free throws will win the game. Prediction: Fayette 61, Westran 54.

No. 5 New Franklin (B) vs. No. 2 Cairo (8 p.m. tip-off):This game was going to be a nightmare for New Franklin one way or the other, but I’m sure they’d rather face Harrisburg and not have to play Cairo three times. Brad Roberts will go off for at least 32 points and Aaron Barratt will chip in another 20 points or so. If the Bulldogs thought Glasgow was tough, well, they’re going to get more of the same from the Bearcats tonight. Bob Roberts will walk away from Glasgow with two more W’s. Prediction: Cairo 76, New Franklin 53.


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