Predictions for Day Six of the Glasgow Tournament

Before the games started on Monday, my picks to win the Glasgow Tournament were the Cairo boys and the Glasgow girls. Looks like I’ll have to rethink my boys pick in a few seconds. Do I do the same for the girls too?

Decisions, decisions. Anyhow, this is what it all comes down to. Who ya got?

No. 5 Westran (G) vs. No. 3 New Franklin (1 p.m. tip-off): If New Franklin gives the same effort it had Thursday night in every game the rest of the season, this team could be pretty special. They might not need quite that same effort this afternoon, but hey, it wouldn’t hurt, right? I don’t see how Westran can stop Aly Hundley and Jasmyne Boggs, so look for them to score a combined 35 points. Prediction: New Franklin 57, Westran 44.

No. 2 Glasgow (G) vs. No. 1 Harrisburg (2:30 p.m. tip-off): Like the New Franklin-Glasgow game the other night, throw the past out for this contest. Throw out last year’s 41-point Harrisburg win. Throw out Harrisburg’s somewhat-sloppy two wins this week. Throw out Glasgow’s nail-biter against New Franklin. Today’s a new day.

I did a little scouting this morning and got a text from Harrisburg head coach Dan Bachmeier that said Raechel Douglas — who missed Wednesday’s game against Westran — was at the team’s shoot-around this morning, but he said it’s likely that she won’t start today and many not play much after coming down with the flu earlier this week. Harrisburg will have Allie Dodson back after a three-game suspension, and in our preview Bachmeier told me she was a potential starter, so that helps the Lady Bulldogs considerably. Both teams are going to want to run, but the matchups are going to be interesting. How will Chloe Franklin do against Nikki Fuemmeler? Which Harrisburg guards match up against Glasgow guards? Does anyone get into early foul trouble, and if so, who?

I learned a long time ago to never go against my gut. I’m not going against it today. Prediction: Glasgow 49, Harrisburg 47.

No. 3 Harrisburg (B) vs. No. 1 Glasgow (4 p.m. tip-off): These two teams met in the semifinals two years ago, but I honestly don’t remember anything from that game. The key factor in this game is going to be Glasgow’s defense. It’s been stellar the first two games and opponents are barely averaging above 20 points against them. Harrisburg played exceptionally well against Cairo, so can the Bulldogs do it again today? This will be another game with interesting matchups, and we’re going to learn a lot about both teams after this one’s over. And when it’s over, I think Glasgow is going to be celebrating well into the night. Last one out of the gym, turn out the lights. Prediction: Glasgow 61, Harrisburg 55.

I’ll leave you with this video. After an awesome week of basketball, it only feels appropriate.


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