Predictions for seedings at the 2014 Slater Wildcat Classic

In less than an hour or so, coaches are going to meet in Slater and sort out the seedings for the Slater Wildcat Classic, which begins on Jan. 27.

Just for grins and giggles, I’ll play along and throw in my educated guesses without hearing speeches from the coaches. I know four of these schools pretty well, but I don’t know much about the other four.


  1. Glasgow (9-2)
  2. Higginsville (10-2)
  3. Slater (9-4)
  4. Pilot Grove (7-5)
  5. Santa Fe (5-4)
  6. Marshall (2-7)
  7. Sacred Heart (5-5)
  8. Fayette (1-12)


  1. Sacred Heart (10-0)
  2. Higginsville (11-1)
  3. Glasgow (8-3)
  4. Marshall (6-6)
  5. Pilot Grove (8-3)
  6. Slater (7-5)
  7. Santa Fe (2-8)
  8. Fayette (1-12)

I’m throwing in records that I’ve come across for each team. In the girls bracket, I can see either Glasgow or Higginsville getting the one seed, but neither lower than the two seed. I haven’t found a record of it online, but I’ve heard Slater beat Santa Fe in their regular-season meeting, so I put Slater at the three seed. However, I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Pilot Grove get as high as the three seed either. Slater could argue it played within 10 points of Glasgow on their home floor, while Pilot Grove can say two of its losses came on the road at New Franklin, by about 10 points each. Slater and Pilot Grove play each other next week, but that would obviously be too late to determine seedings. Even though Sacred Heart has a better record than Marshall, the Lady Owls finished third in the Marshall Tournament, while Sacred Heart took sixth place.

In the boys bracket, I feel pretty good about those two teams being the one and two seeds. I think Glasgow is worthy of the three seed, and Marshall is tough to factor in where they’ll fall in this thing. I put them at the four, ahead of Pilot Grove. I know Santa Fe beat Slater by 19 points earlier this month, but the Wildcats have been on a hot streak since, winning four in a row. Meanwhile, that game seems to possilby have been the high point of Santa Fe’s season.

Once I learn of the actual seedings — which could be later tonight or early Thursday morning — I’ll post them, as well as the brackets when I receive them.


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2 Responses to Predictions for seedings at the 2014 Slater Wildcat Classic

  1. Bob Mahoney says:

    I know Santa Fe is outside your area but here is an update on their teams Santa Fe girls are 9-4, and they beat Higginsville last week by 12 and came in second at the MRVC/I-70 tourney. The Slater game was the worst they played all year. There four losses are to Slater, Wellington, Orrick by 6, (who is picked to win the I-70) and Richmond by 1 or 2. The boys are young and are in for a long year. Thanks for your blog, I really like reading your stuff, great for high school sports.

    Bob Mahoney Alma

    Sent from my iPad


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