Predictions for Day One of the 2015 Class 1 District 10 tournament

I’m going to try something a little different this year. Usually, I keep my predictions to just the Class 2 District 7 tournament. However, I’m going to add Class 1 District 10 to my repertoire this week. In fact, I’ll be there tonight for the 4:30 game between Glasgow and Brunswick before I head to Salisbury and cover the final two games there.

No. 8 Brunswick (G) vs. No. 1 Glasgow (4:30 p.m. tip-off): This is probably not how Brunswick envisioned its final season in the Central Activities Conference, with the girls basketball team going 0-21 this season. Don’t worry, it will turn around and they will win some games next season when they leave for the Carroll-Livingston Activities Association. But Glasgow will send them packing tonight from the CAC with a winless year in Brunswick’s final season. And it could get ugly. After all, Glasgow won both games this years by scores of 68-17 and 60-9. Prediction: Glasgow 61, Brunswick 19.

No. 8 Malta Bend (B) vs. No. 1 Glasgow (6 p.m. tip-off): This game could get just as lopsided. The Glasgow boys should have no problem getting win No. 21 tonight. Prediction: Glasgow 74, Malta Bend 23.

No. 5 Northwestern (G) vs. No. 4 Tina-Avalon (7:30 p.m. tip-off): I haven’t seen these two teams play this year, but looking online, Tina-Avalon has won all three head-to-head meetings during the regular season. The first win was by 20 points, the second win was by five points and the third win was by 11 points. Add them all up, divide by three, and I’ll go with that for the final margin of victory. Prediction: Tina-Avalon 47, Northwestern 35.

No. 5 Keytesville (B) vs. No. 4 Higbee (9 p.m. tip-off): I might be able to catch the end of this game on my way home from Salisbury. The head-to-head series this season between these two teams won’t make sense to you on paper. First, Higbee wins by one point in overtime on a neutral floor. Then in the second meeting, Keytesville gets the win, this time on its home floor by five points. And finally, in their third and final meeting, Higbee blows out Keytesville by 25 points…at Keytesville. Here’s the thing: most people would see that last outcome as an outlier and throw it out. However, I’d make the argument that it’s the most relevant outcome. Higbee has been playing its best in the month of February, and that last win came right at the end of January. Higbee has won six of its last seven games and will finish above the .500 mark for the first time since the 2009-10 season, when Higbee went 22-5. Wil Clark is one of the area’s leading scorers with 20.3 points per game in the regular season, and during those last seven games, he has averaged 26.9 points per game. Higbee is looking for its first district win since 2010, and I’ve got a hunch the Tigers will get that next district win tonight. Prediction: Higbee 68, Keytesville 55.


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