Predictions for Day Two of the 2015 Class 1 District 10 Tournament

I’m about to take off for Salisbury, but before I do, let’s recap last night’s action and make some picks for tonight’s games, shall we?

No. 1 Glasgow (G) 58, No. 8 Brunswick 25: If Brunswick had not outscored Glasgow 11-0 in the fourth quarter, it would’ve looked more like the score of their first two meetings. Abby Thompson led Glasgow with 11 points and Blakeley Fuemmeler also had 10 points.

No. 1 Glasgow (B) 79, No. 8 Malta Bend 29: It was 45-4 at halftime. 45-4. All 10 Glasgow players scored, led by 16 points and eight rebounds from Kennedy Davis, who I hear also had a one-handed dunk in the game. Not bad for a 6-foot-4 sophomore.

No. 4 Tina-Avalon (G) 55, No. 5 Northwestern 39: I didn’t really follow this game last night, but based on their previous meetings this season, this outcome sounds about right.

No. 4 Higbee (B) 76, No. 5 Keytesville 63: Higbee followed a below-average first half with an explosive second half. There were times when Higbee was leading by 10 or so points in the fourth quarter with three minutes to play, and I began to think they would start holding the ball and kill time. Nope, that’s not their style. Higbee scored 49 points in the second half and Jacob Beal led the way with 34 points, making an astounding eight 3-pointers.

* * * * * * * *

And here are my picks for tonight’s games. Let’s see if I can start the week going 8-for-8.

No. 7 Malta Bend (G) vs. No. 2 Keytesville (4:30 p.m. tip-off): I’ve seen Keytesville play once this year, and I assume they’ll have this game in the bag tonight. Prediction: Keytesville 65, Malta Bend 33.

No. 7 Hale/Bosworth (B) vs. No. 2 Northwestern (6 p.m. tip-off): Again, for a 2/7 game, I’d be surprised if Northwestern doesn’t have the running clock to start the fourth quarter. Prediction: Northwestern 75, Hale/Bosworth 36.

No. 6 Hale/Bosworth (G) vs. No. 3 Higbee (7:30 p.m. tip-off): The Higbee girls are going for 20 wins tonight, which would be their first 20-win season since 1982. Not too shabby for second-year head coach Tanner Burton, who wasn’t even alive the last time Higbee had a 20-win season. Prediction: Higbee 67, Hale/Bosworth 38.

No. 6 Brunswick (B) vs. No. 3 Tina-Avalon (9 p.m. tip-off): I was pretty impressed to see Brunswick beat Cairo by 18 points a few weeks ago. The Wildcats are going to need some of that magic again tonight to get past Tina-Avalon, their future CLAA foe. Prediction: Tina-Avalon 59, Brunswick 38.


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