2015-16 Class 2 District 7 basketball All-District team

All right, now that we have All-Conference basketball taken care of, it’s time to get the show on the road for All-District. First up is Class 2 District 7, which is one team of 10 players for each gender.

I haven’t seen a Class 1 District 10 list, and I doubt it will be published until Glasgow’s seasons are finished.

But back to Class 2 District 7. The boys list consists of two players each from New Franklin, Harrisburg and Fayette. The girls honors two players each from New Franklin and Harrisburg and one player from Fayette.


  • Garrett Francis, jr., Salisbury
  • Matt Edwards, sr., Westran
  • Cade Combs, soph., Harrisburg
  • Kaleb Anderton, sr., New Franklin
  • Jacob Denslow, sr., Westran
  • Blake Dawson, soph., Fayette
  • Tommy Phillips, jr., Fayette
  • Brendan Gray, jr., Harrisburg
  • Ronnie Perkins, sr., New Franklin
  • Brock Richards, sr., Salisbury

* * * * * * * *


  • Cory Burton, jr., Westran
  • Bailey Ivicsics, sr., Harrisburg
  • Molly Lyons, sr., New Franklin
  • Madison Matney, soph., New Franklin
  • Kortnee Vaught, sr., Sweet Springs
  • Maddy Denslow, soph., Westran
  • Kelsey Marek, jr., Salisbury
  • Haleigh Strodtman, sr., Fayette
  • Sara Colyer, jr., Harrisburg
  • Lynzi Miller, jr., Sweet Springs

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