Central Activities Conference announces 2015-16 All-Conferene basketball team

I received this list on Monday morning, but it’s been a busy couple of days. There are lots of New Franklin and Glasgow names on this list, and this might be the first time I’ve seen a team in this conference get all five starters honored AND a bench player. That’s pretty remarkable for the New Franklin boys basketball team.


First team

  • Bryant Hubbard, sr., Glasgow (Most Valuable Player)
  • Kaleb Anderton, sr., New Franklin
  • Clabe Reed, sr., Cairo
  • Ronnie Perkins, sr., New Franklin
  • Kennedy Davis, jr., Glasgow
  • Chance Wells, sr., Sturgeon
  • Adam Monnig, jr., Glasgow
  • Jerrod Riley, sr., New Franklin
  • Regan Meisenheimer, sr., Pilot Grove
  • Hayden Hackman, jr., Glasgow
  • Keshawn White, soph., Slater
  • Brady Rentel, jr., Pilot Grove

Honorable mention

  • Jacob Hendrix, sr., New Franklin
  • Kenny Stone, fr., Sturgeon
  • Blake Carleton, sr., New Franklin
  • Austin Jones, jr., New Franklin
  • Kabyl McMillan, soph., Glasgow
  • Ian Denton, soph., Cairo
  • Jimmy Layton, fr., Madison
  • Austin Thomas, soph., Madison

* * * * * * * *


First team

  • Marley Winkler, sr., Cairo (Most Valuable Player)
  • Jaden Monnig, soph., Glasgow
  • Lauren Mills, soph., Sturgeon
  • Molly Lyons, sr., New Franklin
  • Anne Reynolds, sr., Glasgow
  • Keleigh Bennett, fr., Madison
  • Madison Matney, soph., New Franklin
  • McKenzie Dubbert, fr., Cairo
  • Emily Schupp, fr., Pilot Grove
  • Janie Leathers, jr., Cairo
  • Monica Tracy, jr., Cairo
  • Breanna Wright, sr., Slater

Honorable mention

  • Emma Bright, fr., Sturgeon
  • Devyn Yung, sr., Glasgow
  • Hunter Salmons, jr., Madison
  • Allison Keen, jr., Cairo
  • Mariah Williams, sr., Sturgeon
  • Jasmine Himmelberg, jr., New Franklin
  • Grace Hundley, soph., New Franklin
  • Tara Fuemmeler, sr., Glasgow
  • Cynthia Brumback, sr., Pilot Grove

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