Cooper County Activities Association releases 2015-16 All-Conference basketball team

And now we are to the CCAA. It was a really good season for the girls in the conference, with two teams climbing into the top 5 in the state rankings at one point. It’s also worth noting that Jamestown and Prairie Home split the conference title, but Jamestown won head-to-head.


First team

  • Jacob Beal, sr., Higbee (Co-Most Valuable Player)
  • Creed Flood, soph., Prairie Home (Co-Most Valuable Player)
  • Ross Kendrick, jr., Prairie Home
  • Trenton Barbour, soph., Jamestown
  • Garrett Wolfe, soph., Jamestown
  • Wil Clark, jr., Higbee
  • Luke Allen, jr., Calvary Lutheran
  • Ross Schlichting, sr., Calvary Lutheran
  • Wyatt Hunziker, sr., Jamestown
  • Wyatt Borghardt, jr., Prairie Home

Honorable mention

  • Cameron Crawford, jr., Higbee
  • Cole Duenckel, sr., Calvary Lutheran
  • Alex Flannigan, jr., Calvary Lutheran
  • Austin Flippin, soph., Jamestown
  • Ben Stock, sr., Prairie Home

* * * * * * * *


First team

  • Mickayla Strother, sr., Jamestown (Most Valuable Player)
  • Shianne Rhorer, jr., Prairie Home
  • Alli Muri, sr., Jamestown
  • Rhiannon Runyon, jr., Higbee
  • Lexi Muri, sr., Jamestown
  • Rebecca Thompson, jr., Calvary Lutheran
  • Makayla Zey, sr., Prairie Home
  • Sabrina Huddleston, jr., Higbee
  • Mackenzie Strother, sr., Jamestown
  • Rachel Distler, jr., Prairie Home

Honorable mention

  • Taylor Burnett, fr., Bunceton
  • Josie Flood, sr., Prairie Home
  • Brooke Rollins, jr., Calvary Lutheran
  • Daina Derboven, sr., Higbee
  • Geocie Sager, soph., Higbee
  • Rachel Lenz, jr., Bunceton
  • Lauren Wieland, soph., Bunceton

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